Vs Sazh

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Final Fantasy Xiii - 050 - Vanille's Regret. Sazh's Sorrow..MP3

Final Fantasy 13 Sazh & Vanille Vs Brynhildr Eidolon Tutorial Chapter 8 Boss.MP3

Vanille And Sazh Vs Enki And Enlil Ffxiii.MP3

Final Fantasy Xiii - Sazh Vs Long Gui 03:05 No Summon/shrouds Cold Blood Usage Rev 2.MP3

Ff13 Sazh Vs Long Gui 03:03 No Summon, No Shrouds Final Fantasy Xiii.MP3

Ffxiii - Sazh And The Cactuar.MP3

Final Fantasy Xiii-2: Dlc Madness Sazh Joins The Party Vs Long Gui & Faeryl.MP3

Final Fantasy Xiii - Chocobo Vs Sazh - Part 70.MP3

Final Fantasy Xiii-2 Gilgamesh Vs Valfodr/snow/sazh Gameplay.MP3

Final Fantasy Xiii - Sazh Vs. Shaolong Gui 0:47.MP3

Final Fantasy Xiii-2: Party Mods Lightning & Sazh Vs Ochu & Long Gui.MP3

Reghar Vs Sazh - Partida 2.MP3

Ff-xiii Hd Yaag Vs Sazh Aerial Dogfight After Pope Battle.MP3

Reghar Vs Sazh.MP3

Bgc: .naga? Craver Vs Sazh. Drakar.MP3